Don’t Waste Resources On Inexperienced Software Prospecting

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When you’re a young company, the last thing you’d do is waste your resources on inexperienced lead generation. Companies that are still in the midst of making their entry into the market should focus all their efforts into showing that they belong there. The more complex and integral your products and services are to the public, the more likely your business might get trampled underfoot if the quality of your products/services fails to compete with others.


ERP software is one such business. Since large companies are the only ones who can fully appreciate and utilize ERP software tools, you can expect payments for it in long, large numbers. However, it’s for that very same reason that manufacturers, resellers, and developers of such software do all they can to maintain the effectiveness of their computer tools and clean out bugs. For a young company new to the industry, saving up resources for updates and future developments should be top priority.


Now of course others might object and say they’ve been told how lead generation is important as well. After all, there’s no point in providing top-quality products if you can’t inspire interest in them.


The truth is it’s not really lead generation that is discouraged but lead generation of the inexperienced variety. Do not underestimate¬†the costs of a lead generation campaign. The requirements for procuring just the right kind of software sales leads could be well beyond the specialization of your company. Young companies especially must take heed of this warning as their resources are already small enough to begin with.


For starters, here some of the important factors in a successful lead generation campaign.


First, there’s technology. Of course, being a software supplier, you’d think you already have this. However, there’s more to lead generation than having plenty of computers and an internet connection. You’ll need to dedicate certain communications hardware solely to the purpose of finding leads as well as keeping tabs on their interest. You’ll need to then compile the information and record updates so a separate database is required. (Keep in mind that such a database can also save you time in future searches). Remember, you’ll still need to reserve enough of your own technological resources to maintain the quality of your software. Cutting the budget in that area for something as risky as inexperienced lead generation could have serious repercussions.


Second, you’ll need to recruit the right marketing personnel and train them to promote your product. You’ll have to pay them too, obviously, and provide them with your company’s employee benefits. The same goes for any analysts you might need to refine the data being collected. This ensures the leads are exactly the clients you’re looking for. Unrefined data only increases the risk of a software appointment going badly.


Thirdly, you’ll need speed. Don’t forget that you’re not the only one looking to make a buck. Competition is high in big-money markets such as ERP software. If you take too slow and too lax with your lead generation, you’re either going to run out of leads very fast or not find any at all. The people you hire must deliver a large enough number of good prospects in as short amount of time before even thinking you have a chance.


With just the above mentioned three, young companies would need an exceptionally good start in order to afford even just a one-time lead generation campaign. You might as well outsource to an ERP call center because even they are more likely to have invested more in the practice than you.

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