Finding Software Leads With Other Business Processes

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There are other sources of software leads besides the main channel utilized by your lead generation campaign. And even if these do not create software leads outright, they can still provide information that supports the lead generation process. One of the most popular examples is customer service. The way it has been used can stand as a model for how other business processes can be geared towards getting more prospect information.

Signs Of Software Leads From Customer Support

Software Leads, BI Software Leads, Lead GenerationDo not be intimidated by the negative reaction you get towards customer complaints. Remember, B2B leads thrive on finding problems because it gives you an opportunity to please prospects with a solution. People use BI software towards that very same end so it only fits that software leads for this kind of product considers all possible sources, even complaints.

Now what are any more specific details that can be covered by customer complaints and concerns that can help acquire future software leads?

  • Predict future needs – Finding trends in past complaints can foreshadow what needs you might want to fulfill in the future. This is even more important as today’s technology continues to improve at a rapid pace. You can only go for the same old and easy software leads for so long before obsolescence starts hurting your business.

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  • Hear about competitors – Feedback can also contain customer opinion on competitors. Do not be so sure that anything they say is 100% unreliable. Furthermore, if they are making these statements in the midst of a problem, you could very well be on your way to losing your BI software leads to them!
  • Know the general state of the industry – Consider this the summary of the previous two. When you spot trends in customer’s needs and observe the actions of consumers, you are closer to a general idea of how the industry is faring in terms of getting software leads. This also helps when you are trying to see how outside factors like the economy can impact the budget of the average B2B buyer.

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As you can see, there are probably other business processes besides customer service that can help you identify future needs, learn about competitor actions, and understand the broad state of the industry. This just goes to show that even though they may not create complete software leads, they can significantly inform your software lead generation process.

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