Get More Accurate Customer Feedback With Professional Telemarketers

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ERP software companies should know all about the importance of client feedback. The information obtained from what your clients have to say can play a significant role in many areas (from product development to more lead generation). Since you’re a B2B-oriented market, the feedback you’ll be getting is most likely from the executives and decision makers who you hoped to benefit with your software. Observations, surveys,and even complaints can all tell you important things about how your product is doing. In terms of development, it obviously tells you what you need to fix, improve, and add. The innovations you have created from applying the feedback can then be used to spark the interest of previous clients and turn them into new leads. If that’s not the case, then you at least have an idea of what you can make to generate the interest of entirely new prospects.


Still, what’s the best way of getting and analyzing this feed back? Since your firm is likely to be computer savvy, a dependence on the internet is expected. You leave virtual forms to be filled on your company’s website or give them an email address to send their concerns.


Unfortunately, a reliance on only this single method can have some inconvenient drawbacks. Spam filters might make a mistake of blocking out the messages because they’re lost in the streams of junk mail that you might also receive. You’d also have to worry about getting them in larger bulks and sifting through each individual letter or form. Some forms and emails can be too short and simple, others too long and convoluted. You’ve got hackers to worry about too.


There are even people who become immediately cynical at the sight of an internet form. The reasons cited above make it hard for them to believe that you take their input seriously. You have to admit, it can be too automated and dull.


Why not try giving them a number instead? Letting them call your firm personally allows for simpler but also more animated dialogue between you and your client. Of course you might be thinking that the prospect of receiving so many calls, even for a B2B product, can be a little bit overwhelming for one person such as yourself.


Well, who said you have to do this alone? Simply get groups of people to take the calls for you! In case you then might think that you lack resources to hire and train such personnel, then you’re forgetting what outsourcing is for.


Telemarketing services aren’t just focused towards randomly cold calling people on the phone everyday (contrary to some misconceptions some people have). You can have their people take inbound calls too. In fact, some telemarketing blogs actually state that taking inbound calls are relatively easier compared to going outbound. At least in inbound, the client calling has heard of the product and has already shown a mild level of interest. They even come with technology that is specifically geared for helping draw information on client feedback (be it via reports or even recorded phone conversations). Contact a reputable software company today and start getting the feedback you need!

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