Make B2B Leads Out of Past Clientele

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ERP software is a very specialized industry. And by specialized, it means you’re going to risk really long periods without new leads because very few people have a need for such software. Such is really the path of any B2B-dependent business. Of course this doesn’t mean it’s not profitable. On the contrary, curious clients may appear to come too far and too few but making a success out of just one automatically means a really big boost in sales. This is obviously due to the status of those who are the only ones capable of fully maximize the use of ERP computer tools. Few as they are, they are still made up entirely of influential decision makers and C-level executives. They do not purchase your product just for themselves but for their entire company in the hopes of improving it as much as their money helps improves yours.


Still, it would really help to keep a flow of leads like them at a constant rate. And the risky thing about B2B lead generation is that B2B leads, as stated above, are even harder to come by than their B2C counterparts.


However, did you know that if you can’t find new leads, you can always go back to your old ones? This isn’t referring to dried up leads actually. This refers to businesses who’ve already made deals with you in the past and could have the potential of gaining more from your products.


Since you’re a company specializing in software, such a venture would be most promising because anyone familiar with the nature of software will realize that updates and upgrades are expected frequently. The challenge however lies in contacting them again. Even though you could claim to have made many successful deals from previous leads, it could be a while since you last saw them. They could have forgotten about you or were unable to contact you because you didn’t give them the necessary information. It can even be worse. What if your competitors have managed to go after them and now they’re no longer using your product?


There are several ways to regain those clients and maintain the loyalty of current ones. For starters, you need to establish a means for them to contact you in order to bring inquiries that may not be answerable by automated troubleshooters or information on your website. Secondly, you need to update and remember to obtain the contact information of every business client you have from now on. Finally, you need an effective means to do follow-ups, surveys, and announcements with all your current clients.


As an example, let’s use software telemarketing. Naturally, the appropriate ERP telemarketer for you should be one familiar with software. This is to make sure they are capable of having a large database filled with your kind of preferred business contacts and can constantly update it with new information. Outsourcing to these people is one of the B2B world’s most cost-efficient methods for following up on interested prospects, including previous clients who would like to be informed of any advancements in your technology. Also, unlike e-mail marketing (which is often hampered by spam filters) a skilled telemarketing agent will know the right words to say in order bypass telephone gatekeepers and reconnect you with old business acquaintances.


So why not give them a try. Start looking up software telemarketing groups and begin your campaign to recover old deals and transform them into loyal clientele.


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