Outsourcing Professional Telemarketers Doesn’t Mean You’re Sales-Lazy

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When most people learn that you’ve outsourced to telemarketing companies, it seems to be the painful norm for them to assume you lack confidence in your ability to make a sale. That’s usually because their typical image of a telemarketer is a desperate salesperson calling people every minute (with every minute sounding like a frenzied, last-minute attempt to make a buck).


Rest assured however that their assumptions are not always right. In fact, they could be so far from the truth that it makes the distance between Texas and China look like a five-minute walk.
Now here’s why. You see not all telemarketing services are out to try and sell something. If your business is engaging in a B2B-dependent trade like ERP software, then you may already have found plenty of businesses who use telemarketers only for appointment setting. The task of making sales is still left up to the client company (with client companies even going so far as to insist that they do it).


If you’re confident in your capacity to make sales, outsourcing to telemarketers shouldn’t feel like an insult to your confidence. They’re not out to take that which you do best. Actually, they might even just help you by setting you up with qualified B2B appointments.


Remember, being able to make a sale can be significantly different from checking if your prospect company is even interested in the first place. For one thing, trying to make a sale from the get-go already assumes something on the part of the prospect. These assumptions might turn people off when they’re constantly unfounded (or just sound too confident).


Telemarketers can act as a filter for that by getting you the services you need to accurately qualify your prospects. Those with experienced call center agents possess the skill required to navigate company hierarchies and can execute scripts with just the right amount of flexibility and objectivity to get that information.


They can be pretty fast too. Try giving them a big list of prospects. You’d be surprised at how many of those on it they can call in a single day. They also know the right techniques and timing to execute effective follow-up strategies. That way you won’t have to worry about them dropping undecided prospects alongside those who clearly lack interest.


Speaking of which, are you aware that even without a list, you can also make use of their own contact database? A long-standing telemarketing group wouldn’t be long-standing if it didn’t have a large contact database. It’s how they manage to maintain their quality lead generation services. A speedy qualification process requires constantly fresh data so that follow-ups aren’t done on the basis of old information.


Their information doesn’t just cover your prospects either. They also cover you like where do you keep yourself open for business meetings and what industries you specialize in.


So there you have it. Telemarketers can make swift work out of your lead qualification process. They have the skills to critically analyze your prospects beforehand so that bad assumptions won’t be made. They seek out leads that are faithful to your specifications. They do all this and still leave to you the noble task of making the sale. Thus, you have no reason to fear outsourcing to them. Contact them now and you can in fact prove how you take sales seriously.

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